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Finance analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Finance analysis - Essay Example The ratios will provide variants that will reflect any changes during the year covered. Variants are problems that need the attention of management. Ratios are also meaningful when compared with the closest competition to see relative position of the company Limitation of the study is that 2009 annual report of Easy jet is not yet available. a. Government regulations. Falle, della Gonzrague, et al (2004) said in their report that the airline industry in UK has always been filled with restrictions to protect their own airlines. For instance, the airline industry in UK is protected by regulations of the European Union and that of bilateral agreements entered into by the British government with other countries. Bilateral agreements put tariff protection on their products and are barriers for foreign entry. The globalization and liberalization have invited competition to the airline industry in UK. In UK, the airline industry players are the flag carriers, independent airiness, franchises and charters. Flag carriers are either state-owned or designated carriers and enjoy privileges from the government. Independent airlines are Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Aer Lingus and British Airways. Each of these airline companies has a market share of airline passengers in UK . Even in economic crisis, air travel remains to be an important factor in everyday life of everyone. Air travel spurs the economy by bringing in international investment trade and tourism, and is therefore very important in the globalization movement of industries The Airline Industry report stated air travel in the past decade grew by 7% per year wherein travel for business and leisure grew strongly worldwide. Airline travel is dependent on the growth of economy, as in the years of recession; the industry is not spared... Several analysts agree that the airline operations have experienced hard times during the past years of 2007 an 2008 As a result of the slow travel

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Syllabus critique Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Syllabus critique - Assignment Example A syllabus is a contract, which is written between a teacher and students. A good syllabus meet specific objectives, it has important components and answers critical questions. Nonetheless, few syllabi fulfill all these functions well. A focused and brief syllabus is the best. It should communicate the nature of the course to the students clearly and understandable manner. When the students understand the procedures and purpose of the course, they are more likely to enjoy the learning process. It is very important that all teachers follow the policies and needs set in their syllabi. They should not forget the whole parts of the contract. As the students are required to abide by the procedures and rules spelled out in the syllabus, the teacher is also agreeing to follow the same. A detailed syllabus will make the expectation clear to all parties. A teacher should organize to discuss the syllabus fully during the first class meeting. This requires fast distribution the syllabi to all t he students. Teachers should meet the deadlines of teaching. they should provide the requirements of the syllabus promptly if they require their students to be prompt. Strategies When planning the syllabus, one should consider the following strategies: basic identifying information, information about t6he instructor, texts and other materials, course description, objectives, description and requirements, course calendar, grading procedures and scaling Basic Identifying Information The basic information to identify includes the institution, course title, year, the semester, and time of class and location of class meetings. It should also include benefits earned for completing the course successfully. The title and the name of the instructor should also be included. The office telephone number, location, working hours, and mailing address are important if students can communicate with the teacher. Textbooks and Other Materials The syllabus should specify the authors, titles, editions, and sometimes publishers of the texts. It is important to specify the location for acquiring these materials. The location of library, bookstore, computer laboratory, and personal offices should be clear. It is essential to know the requirements and conditions for obtaining these materials. Course Description The course description is given directly by the institution. It must include a short and clear description of the knowledge, skills, major topics to be covered and any special opportunities and prerequisites obtained. Course Objectives The course objectives are very important because it should emphasize on the evaluation of learners outcome. The syllabus should clearly state the objective of the course. Objectives can be affective, behavioral, or cognitive. A well-set instructional objective provides a layout for instructional approach communicates instructional intent and gives guidelines for evaluating students. Course Requirements This explains exactly what learners are exp ected to do in the course. It includes a brief description of the assessments administered, and the paper written. Course Calendar It contains the dates of specific lesson topics, exams, reading assignments, and deadlines for projects and other papers. Any change s to the syllabus calendar should be provided to learners in writing. Grading Procedures and Scales The syllabus should provide clear criteria and procedures for assessing students’ performance and grade assignment. Regulations regarding extra credit, deadlines, and penalties for late work should be stipulated. It should include academic policy with explanations of these concepts in its literature. A good syllabus enables teachers to share their pedagogical ideas with their students. It tells the students how their teachers view the learning process, whether passive or active. How they emphasize skill building, knowledge enhancement or the combination of both. The syllabus shows how the course is organized from simpl e to complex. It should have